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Trampoline Park Safety

Staying Safe at iBounce

Health and Safety

Naturally, children love Trampolining! It's a fantastic, thrilling form of exercise which allows you to soar through the air and master new skills, all beside loved ones and friends - what's not to like?

Unfortunately, like all good things, the fun of Trampolining does come with some risks. Here at iBounce, we take these potential risks incredibly seriously and work hard to make sure that they are avoided.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and well-being.

Please read-on to find out more about the steps and procedures we take to ensure the safety of everyone at iBounce Parks.

Safety Measures at iBounce

  • Onsite Court Marshals Present
  • Regular Checks (ensure appropriate for use)
  • Adult Supervision
  • Only one Bouncer per Trampoline
  • Soft-Land Padding
  • Safety Nets
  • Maximum Bouncer Weight
  • Bouncers are required to watch Safety Video
  • Bouncer Limit per Session
  • Trained Spotters Present
  • Bright colours to highlight edges
  • Trampoline Rules Displayed

At iBounce, ensuring that your children are always safe and happy is crucial to us.

Trampolining is a low impact work-out which is kind to our bodies. Did you know that trampolining causes less damage to our joints overtime than other exercise such as running or jogging?


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